deSALT 1.5-foss-2019a

Deprecated: Use of this version of deSALT is deprecated. More information on our Applications Support and Retention Policy.

deSALT - De Bruijn graph-based Spliced Aligner for Long Transcriptome reads

Accessing deSALT 1.5-foss-2019a

To load the module for deSALT 1.5-foss-2019a please use this command on the BEAR systems (BlueBEAR, BEARCloud VMs, and CaStLeS VMs):

module load deSALT/1.5-foss-2019a

BEAR Apps Version


More Information

For more information visit the deSALT website.


This version of deSALT has a direct dependency on: foss/2019a

Last modified on 3rd October 2019