mne-connectivity 0.5.0-foss-2021b

Deprecated: Use of this version of mne-connectivity is deprecated. More information on our Applications Support and Retention Policy.

MNE-Connectivity is an open-source Python package for connectivity and related measures of MEG, EEG, or iEEG data built on top of the MNE-Python API. It includes modules for data input/output, visualization, common connectivity analysis, and post-hoc statistics and processing.

Accessing mne-connectivity 0.5.0-foss-2021b

To load the module for mne-connectivity 0.5.0-foss-2021b please use this command on the BEAR systems (BlueBEAR, BEAR Cloud VMs, and CaStLeS VMs):

module load mne-connectivity/0.5.0-foss-2021b

BEAR Apps Version



  • mne-connectivity-0.5.0
  • pyvistaqt 0.11.0

More Information

For more information visit the mne-connectivity website.


This version of mne-connectivity has a direct dependency on: foss/2021b h5netcdf/1.1.0-foss-2021b matplotlib/3.4.3-foss-2021b MNE-Python/1.1.1-foss-2021b netCDF/4.8.1-gompi-2021b PyQt5/5.15.4-GCCcore-11.2.0 Python/3.9.6-GCCcore-11.2.0 QtPy/2.2.1-GCCcore-11.2.0 scikit-learn/1.0.1-foss-2021b SciPy-bundle/2021.10-foss-2021b tqdm/4.62.3-GCCcore-11.2.0 xarray/0.20.1-foss-2021b

Last modified on 25th October 2023