DROP 1.0.3-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2-R-4.0.0

DROP (Detection of RNA Outliers Pipeline) is intended to help researchers use RNA-Seq data in order to detect genes with aberrant expression, aberrant splicing and mono-allelic expression. It consists of three independent modules for each of those strategies.

Accessing DROP 1.0.3-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2-R-4.0.0

To load the module for DROP 1.0.3-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2-R-4.0.0 please use this command on the BEAR systems (BlueBEAR, BEAR Cloud VMs, and CaStLeS VMs):

module load DROP/1.0.3-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2-R-4.0.0

BEAR Apps Version



  • click-log-0.3.2
  • drop 1.0.3
  • egg 0.4.5
  • extraDistr 1.9.1
  • FRASER 1.2.1
  • heatmaply 1.2.1
  • OUTRIDER 1.7.1
  • qap-0.1-1
  • seriation-1.2-9
  • tMAE 1.0.0
  • TSP-1.1-10
  • wbuild 1.8.0

More Information

For more information visit the DROP website.


This version of DROP has a direct dependency on: BCFtools/1.10.2-GCC-9.3.0 foss/2020a GATK/ Graphviz/2.44.1-foss-2020a HTSlib/1.10.2-GCC-9.3.0 Pandoc/2.10 PRROC/1.3.1-foss-2020a-R-4.0.0 Python/3.8.2-GCCcore-9.3.0 PyYAML/5.3-GCCcore-9.3.0 R/4.0.0-foss-2020a R-bundle-Bioconductor/3.11-foss-2020a-R-4.0.0 SAMtools/1.10-GCC-9.3.0 SciPy-bundle/2020.03-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2 snakemake/5.31.1-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2 wget/1.20.3-GCCcore-9.3.0

Last modified on 18th March 2021