HERMESv3_GR 1.0.2-foss-2019a-Python-2.7.15

HERMESv3_GR is a highly customizable emission processing system that calculates emissions from different sources, regions and pollutants over a user-specified global or regional model grid and fulfills the requirements of several CTMs.

Accessing HERMESv3_GR 1.0.2-foss-2019a-Python-2.7.15

To load the module for HERMESv3_GR 1.0.2-foss-2019a-Python-2.7.15 please use this command on the BEAR systems (BlueBEAR, BEAR Cloud VMs, and CaStLeS VMs):

module load HERMESv3_GR/1.0.2-foss-2019a-Python-2.7.15

BEAR Apps Version



  • cdo 1.5.3
  • cf-units-2.1.3
  • click-plugins-1.1.1
  • cligj 0.5.0
  • ConfigArgParse 0.15.1
  • Fiona 1.8.11
  • geopandas 0.6.2
  • HERMESv3_GR 1.0.2
  • holidays 0.9.11
  • importlib_resources 1.0.2
  • munch 2.5.0
  • Rtree 0.9.1
  • Shapely 1.7a2
  • timezonefinder 3.2.1

More Information

For more information visit the HERMESv3_GR website.


This version of HERMESv3_GR has a direct dependency on: basemap/1.2.1-foss-2019a-Python-2.7.15 ESMPy/8.0.0-foss-2019a-Python-2.7.15 foss/2019a GDAL/3.0.0-foss-2019a-Python-2.7.15 libspatialindex/1.9.3-GCCcore-8.2.0 netcdf4-python/ Python/2.7.15-GCCcore-8.2.0 SciPy-bundle/2019.03-foss-2019a UDUNITS/2.2.26-GCCcore-8.2.0

Last modified on 3rd December 2019