PHATE 1.0.7-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2

PHATE (Potential of Heat-diffusion for Affinity-based Trajectory Embedding) is a tool for visualizing high dimensional single-cell data with natural progressions or trajectories. PHATE uses a novel conceptual framework for learning and visualizing the manifold inherent to biological systems in which smooth transitions mark the progressions of cells from one state to another.

Accessing PHATE 1.0.7-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2

To load the module for PHATE 1.0.7-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2 please use this command on the BEAR systems (BlueBEAR, BEARCloud VMs, and CaStLeS VMs):

module load PHATE/1.0.7-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2

BEAR Apps Version



  • Deprecated 1.2.11
  • graphtools 1.5.2
  • phate 1.0.7
  • PyGSP 0.5.1
  • s-gd2-1.8
  • scprep 1.0.13
  • tasklogger 1.0.0
  • wrapt 1.12.1

More Information

For more information visit the PHATE website.


This version of PHATE has a direct dependency on: foss/2020a matplotlib/3.2.1-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2 Python/3.8.2-GCCcore-9.3.0 scikit-learn/0.23.2-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2 SciPy-bundle/2020.03-foss-2020a-Python-3.8.2

Required By

This version of PHATE is a direct dependent of: phateR/1.0.7-foss-2020a-R-4.0.0-Python-3.8.2

Last modified on 9th March 2021