Qtconsole 5.3.2-GCCcore-11.2.0

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A rich Qt-based console for working with Jupyter kernels, supporting rich media output, session export, and more. The Qtconsole is a very lightweight application that largely feels like a terminal, but provides a number of enhancements only possible in a GUI, such as inline figures, proper multiline editing with syntax highlighting, graphical calltips, and more.

Accessing Qtconsole 5.3.2-GCCcore-11.2.0

To load the module for Qtconsole 5.3.2-GCCcore-11.2.0 please use this command on the BEAR systems (BlueBEAR, BEAR Cloud VMs, and CaStLeS VMs):

module load Qtconsole/5.3.2-GCCcore-11.2.0

BEAR Apps Version


More Information

For more information visit the Qtconsole website.


This version of Qtconsole has a direct dependency on: GCCcore/11.2.0 IPython/7.26.0-GCCcore-11.2.0 Python/3.9.6-GCCcore-11.2.0 QtPy/2.2.1-GCCcore-11.2.0

Required By

This version of Qtconsole is a direct dependent of: MetaboLabPy/0.8.4-foss-2021b

Other Versions

These versions of Qtconsole are available on the BEAR systems (BlueBEAR, BEAR Cloud VMs, and CaStLeS VMs). These will be retained in accordance with our Applications Support and Retention Policy.

Version BEAR Apps Version
5.4.0-GCCcore-11.3.0 2022a

Last modified on 16th March 2023