ChIPseeker 1.28.3-foss-2021a-R-4.1.0

Unsupported: Use of this version of ChIPseeker is not supported. More information on our Applications Support and Retention Policy.

This package implements functions to retrieve the nearest genes around the peak, annotate genomic region of the peak, statstical methods for estimate the significance of overlap among ChIP peak data sets, and incorporate GEO database for user to compare the own dataset with those deposited in database.

Accessing ChIPseeker 1.28.3-foss-2021a-R-4.1.0

To load the module for ChIPseeker 1.28.3-foss-2021a-R-4.1.0 please use this command on the BEAR systems (BlueBEAR, BEARCloud VMs, and CaStLeS VMs):

module load bear-apps-unsupported/handbuilt/2019
module load ChIPseeker/1.28.3-foss-2021a-R-4.1.0

BEAR Apps Version



  • aplot 0.1.2
  • ChIPseeker 1.28.3
  • DO.db 2.9
  • DOSE 3.18.3
  • enrichplot 1.12.3
  • ggfun 0.0.4
  • ggplotify 0.1.0
  • ggtree 3.0.4
  • GOSemSim 2.18.1
  • gridGraphics-0.5-1
  • scatterpie 0.1.7
  • shadowtext 0.1.1
  • tidytree 0.3.7
  • treeio 1.16.2
  • yulab.utils 0.0.4

More Information

For more information visit the ChIPseeker website.


This version of ChIPseeker has a direct dependency on: foss/2021a R/4.1.0-foss-2021a R-bundle-Bioconductor/3.13-foss-2021a-R-4.1.0

Last modified on 13th January 2022