Remora 0.1.2-foss-2021a

Methylation/modified base calling separated from basecalling. Remora primarily provides an API to call modified bases for basecaller programs such as Bonito. Remora also provides the tools to prepare datasets, train modified base models and run simple inference.

Accessing Remora 0.1.2-foss-2021a

To load the module for Remora 0.1.2-foss-2021a please use this command on the BEAR systems (BlueBEAR, BEAR Cloud VMs, and CaStLeS VMs):

module load Remora/0.1.2-foss-2021a

BEAR Apps Version



  • onnx 1.10.0
  • onnxruntime 1.10.0
  • ont_remora 0.1.2
  • thop 0.0.31.post2005241907

More Information

For more information visit the Remora website.


This version of Remora has a direct dependency on: flatbuffers-python/2.0-GCCcore-10.3.0 foss/2021a Python/3.9.5-GCCcore-10.3.0 PyTorch/1.10.0-foss-2021a scikit-learn/0.24.2-foss-2021a SciPy-bundle/2021.05-foss-2021a tqdm/4.61.2-GCCcore-10.3.0

Required By

This version of Remora is a direct dependent of: Megalodon/2.4.2-foss-2021a

Last modified on 10th February 2022