mcclust 1.0-foss-2020a-R-4.0.0

Implements methods for processing a sample of (hard) clusterings, e.g. the MCMC output of a Bayesian clustering model. Among them are methods that find a single best clustering to represent the sample, which are based on the posterior similarity matrix or a relabelling algorithm.

Accessing mcclust 1.0-foss-2020a-R-4.0.0

To load the module for mcclust 1.0-foss-2020a-R-4.0.0 please use this command on the BEAR systems (BlueBEAR, BEAR Cloud VMs, and CaStLeS VMs):

module load mcclust/1.0-foss-2020a-R-4.0.0

BEAR Apps Version



  • mcclust 1.0

More Information

For more information visit the mcclust website.


This version of mcclust has a direct dependency on: foss/2020a R/4.0.0-foss-2020a

Last modified on 12th May 2021