Kraken 1.1.1-GCCcore-9.3.0

Kraken is a system for assigning taxonomic labels to short DNA sequences, usually obtained through metagenomic studies. Previous attempts by other bioinformatics software to accomplish this task have often used sequence alignment or machine learning techniques that were quite slow, leading to the development of less sensitive but much faster abundance estimation programs. Kraken aims to achieve high sensitivity and high speed by utilizing exact alignments of k-mers and a novel classification algorithm.

Accessing Kraken 1.1.1-GCCcore-9.3.0

To load the module for Kraken 1.1.1-GCCcore-9.3.0 please use this command on the BEAR systems (BlueBEAR and BEAR Cloud VMs):

📋 module load Kraken/1.1.1-GCCcore-9.3.0

BEAR Apps Version




The listed architectures consist of two part: OS-CPU. The OS used is represented by EL and there are several different processor (CPU) types available on BlueBEAR. More information about the processor types on BlueBEAR is available on the BlueBEAR Job Submission page.

More Information

For more information visit the Kraken website.


This version of Kraken has a direct dependency on: GCCcore/9.3.0 Perl/5.30.2-GCCcore-9.3.0 wget/1.20.3-GCCcore-9.3.0

Required By

This version of Kraken is a direct dependent of: Roary/3.13.0-foss-2020a

Last modified on 10th November 2020